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Build 'Qwiic'ly with Sensything

Qwiic Compatibility

Qwiic is a new standard from SparkFun for connecting boards together using the popular I2C serial communication interface.

When designing Sensything, we looked for a way to connect digital sensors to the board with minimal effort necessary. Qwiic stood out to us because of a it’s specific benefits:

  • Standard I2C protocol
  • One polarized connector format - no more reverse connections
  • Rich ecosystem of products from SparkFun - connect anything from simple distance sensors to advanced spectral sensors
  • Serially daisy chain boards to each other!

So we included two new Qwiic-compatible connectors on the Sensything.

The Sensything Android App

We are happy to announce the Beta release of our Sensything BLE app for Android. It can display the analog as well as digital data from the sensors connected to the Sensything over a BLE interface to any BLE-compatible Android device.

The app is now available for Beta download on the Google Play Store.

The new Sensything App also has built-in support for Qwiic-boards. Since it also an I2C interface, the Sensything can detect when the device is plugged in and plugged out making the whole process dynamic. Check out the video below for how this works.

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Product Choices


Sensything Board

Includes the Sensything fully-assembled PCB ONLY. DOES NOT include battery or cables.


Sensything Starter Kit

Includes the Sensything fully-assembled PCB, 1000 mAH LiPo battery, 10x 2-ended alligator clip leads for connections to sensors, microUSB cable for charging and programming.



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