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Multi-sensor data acquisition, processing, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth communication in a single, open source board. Sense anything.

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Thank You for a Successful Campaign

The Sensything campaign has been successfully funded and we wish to thank all our backers, media, and enthusiasts for their support. The journey never began with defining a user, it began with making a device that was apt for every user. We have full faith that each user would would take that step to question the unexplained. Why not? That is anyway the essence of what a citizen scientist would do. When there are few answers, Sensything paves the way to channel real time sensor data into constructive research.

All our backers can expect their order to be fulfilled on time. Do reach out to us as you get hold of the “All new Sensything”. We would love to hear from you about what you’re doing with it. We assure you that we will constantly be supporting you to begin your new journey in exploring new realms of science and innovation. Here is where we are now:

  • The Sensything app for Android is now available on the Google Play Store
  • The web application interface is in the works
  • The source code will be released in the Sensything GitHub Repo in the coming week
  • The hardware production is on track for on-time delivery

Watch out this page for further updates every week.

With new devices, you get new reasons to investigate and study. So why wait? Why don’t you get started?

If not us ,then who? If not now, then when? —- John. E. Lewis

$8,444 raised

of $1 goal

Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Sensything Board

Includes the Sensything fully-assembled PCB ONLY. DOES NOT include battery or cables.


Sensything Starter Kit

Includes the Sensything fully-assembled PCB, 1000 mAH LiPo battery, 10x 2-ended alligator clip leads for connections to sensors, microUSB cable for charging and programming.



We're a close-knit team that makes (and sometimes breaks) open source hardware.

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Manikandan S

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Mohammed Ibrahim

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