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The power of FPGA meets the simplicity of Arduino.

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The M10 is Live!

The crowdfunding campaign for PulseRain M10 is now live! PulseRain M10 is the open source, Arduino-compatible FPGA board with an (also open) soft-core microcontroller. There is a limited number of early bird (steeply discounted) units available during the beginning of the campaign.

We initiated this project because we feel it is time for FPGA to shine. In fact, the chief designer of the M10 wrote a book a year ago Building Embedded Systems - Programmable Hardware regarding applying FPGAs (programmable hardware) to embedded systems. And with the M10 board becoming reality, he can now personally snatch the bragging rights for both "talk the talk" and "walk and walk" :-).

And warm appreciation to everyone involved, particularly the wonderful folks from Crowd Supply!

Please help us spread the words if you like M10! Thank you!

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Jan 13 2018
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PulseRain Technology

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