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Incandescent Bulb Test!

The M10 board uses AP3429A as the switching regulator to convert 5 V input to 3.3 V. And the 5 V rail can come from the DC, which is converted from 9 V to 5 V by an AZ1117IH (LDO).

The AZ1117IH has a current limit of 1 A, while the AP3429A has a current limit of 2 A. In other words, the M10 board can produce a lot of juice even on its 3.3 V rail.

To visually verify that, incandescent bulbs are used as power indicator. Two types of incandescent bulbs are used here:

  1. The MB-PR7 (Black Point Products), 3.7 V/0.3 A
  2. The MB-PR30 (Black Point Products), 3.7 V/0.86 A

How is it going? Seeing is believing:

Notes: In this test, the bulb is connected between the ground and the IOREF, while the IOREF is set to 3.3 V by jumper.

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