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Nov 28, 2017

Project update 3 of 11

Use FPGA Config Utility under Linux

The FPGA config utility for FPGA image (bitstream) download is written in Python 3. On Windows platform, an .exe file has been generated at




For those who like to do the FPGA development on Linux, they can call the python script directly to download the bitstream. And the following are the procedures tested under Ubuntu 17.1 for setting up the running environment:

  1. Install Python 3

    sudo apt install python3

  2. Install Python 3 pip

    sudo apt install python3-pip

  3. Install Python 3 tk

    sudo apt install python3-tk

  4. Install Pmw

    pip3 install Pmw

  5. Install pySerial

    pip3 install pySerial

  6. Install getch

    pip3 install getch

  7. Install Linux driver for FT232R if necessary, as shown in
    Application Note AN_220, FTDI Drivers Installation Guide for Linux

  8. Add username to the dialout group. Otherwise the serial port will be under the monopoly of root

    sudo adduser USERNAME dialout

  9. Now type in python3 M10_config_gui.py to launch the utility GUI

And for those who likes to use the script, they can use the —CFM and —UFM option with the M10_high_speed_config_console.py

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