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Dec 13, 2017

Project update 5 of 11

Using Sparkfun Ardumoto Shield with PulseRain M10

Sparkfun makes a nice Ardumoto shield that can be used to drive DC motors. The demo shown on the campaign page also uses this shield. However, Sparkfun now comes out with a new Ardumoto shield (DEV-14129) to replace the old one used in this project (DEV-09815). The difference between those two versions are:

a) The pin assignments are different. The new one uses pin 2 and pin 4 to control the rotation direction, while the old one uses pin 12 and 13

b) The new one added some LEDs with 1K ohm resistors on the IO pins directly to show signal activity.

However, these newly added LEDs will cause problems for the M10 board. Because the M10 board supports dual voltage IO (3.3V/5V), so the IO output for M10 boards are OD (open drain) instead of totem pole. And the 1K ohm resistor on the new shield will pull the voltage below its threshold. Thus it is suggested to have those 1K ohm resistors removed before they are mounted to the M10 board.

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