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Dec 19, 2017

Using Sparkfun ESP8266 Shield with PulseRain M10

ESP8266 is a popular wifi controller that can be found in many IOT applications. Sparkfun has thus made an Arduino Shield based on this chip, as shown in the following link https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13287.

For Arduino UNO Rev3, a soft UART has to be used to control this shield, which makes the programming cumbersome and unwieldy. The PulseRain M10 has made improvement by implementing the second UART in hardware, with a baud rate up to 921600 bps. On top of that, PulseRain M10 also provides an Arduino library (Search M10ESP8266 in the Arduino IDE/Library Manager) to fully control the ESP8266.

A good example of using the M10ESP8266 is the in the video on the campaign page, where a Lego Monster Truck is controlled by the ESP8266. The sketch of the Lego Monster Truck can be found in


In particular, the sketch will setup the ESP8266 as an Access Point, and configure a TCP Server.

To work with the sketch, a correspondent python script https://github.com/PulseRain/Lego_Monster_Truck/tree/master/Python_Script can be executed on the PC host side. This script uses keyboard to control the direction of the truck. To make it more fun, joystick can be used to replace the keystroke, with the help of a utility called JoyToKey (http://joytokey.net/en/).

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M10 x 1

One M10 board kit. The package includes standoffs (3/8 in), screws, washers, a micro Micro USB cable, and a copy of the Quick Start Guide.


M10 x 2

Two M10 board kits. Each kit includes standoffs (3/8 in), screws, washers, and a Micro USB cable. A copy of the Quick Start Guide is also included in the package.


M10 x 4, plus a free book for "Building Embedded Systems"

Four M10 board kits, plus a free copy (soft cover) of "Building Embedded Systems - Programmable Hardware". Each kit includes standoffs (3/8 in), screws, washers, and a Micro USB cable. A copy of the Quick Start Guide is also included in the package. The book is authored by the cheif designer of the M10 board. This book is the author's brain dump of what he has picked up over the past 15+ years of engineering. Some of this knowledge was learned the hard way, with insomnia and hair loss.

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