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Dec 08, 2014

Project update 2 of 38

Announcing the Bootscreen Image Design Contest

The Librem 15 laptop needs a bootscreen image, and we need your help to come up with it! The competition starts today. Submissions should be sent to by the end of January 31st. On February 2nd, all submissions will be posted in an update, and on February 3rd we’ll pick a winner. Assuming the campaign successfully funds, the winner will receive a free base configuration of the Librem 15 laptop, or the equivalent refund if they’ve already pledged for one.

Here are the design guidelines:

slight variations will be considered one entry for the purposes of posting them online.

and not infringe on any copyright or trademark.

Thanks for participating in the Librem bootscreen image design contest! Please spread the word!

Todd Weaver

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