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Nov 24, 2014

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Drive Bay Options and Additional Details

We would like to thank everybody for their early support, questions, and comments, it has helped us immensely. Please do not hesitate to ask a question! We’ve already made changes based on these early comments, so keep them coming.

Drive Bay Update

One such change we’ve made, and can publicly announce today, is the addition of the drive bay option. We were shipping a CD/DVD ROM by default, and now for $25 plus the price of a second storage drive, can replace the CD/DVD ROM drive with whatever HDD or SSD drive configuration you would prefer!

Second Drive Bay:

For people who have already placed orders but want a different drive bay option, you should place an entirely new order and put in the comments that it replaces your previous order (order number would help). Crowd Supply will then cancel your previous order and send you an order cancellation confirmation e-mail. You will only be charged for your new order once the campaign reaches its funding goal.

Warranty Update

We failed to include our company-backed 2-year parts and labor warranty within the initial campaign page! We have updated it now to reflect the warranty.

Other Updates

We have updated the campaign page with more information on Graphics, the Upgradeability, Keyboard, and Future Models.

Spread the Word

This campaign, and the ability for us to make changes to free more hardware upstream, depends on people like you, please spread the word!

Todd Weaver

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