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Dec 18, 2014

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Campaign Extension

The amount of support and feedback we’ve received from all corners has been tremendously encouraging and has led to significant changes to the actual design of the Librem 15 laptop, such as:

and there are potential other improvements still in the works. While all of these changes have certainly improved the Librem 15, they have also made it somewhat of a moving target for people considering to buy one.

This, together with the impending end-of-the-year vacations many people take, has led us to believe that running the campaign as planned until the end of the year will not be enough time to realize the Librem’s potential.

Therefore, in close consultation with Crowd Supply, we’ve decided to extend the campaign by a month to the end of January 2015. Furthermore, we’re confident we can do this without actually changing the date originally promised for delivering the laptops to backers, as we had built in a month of padding into our schedule. To be concrete, delivery of the laptops should be 8-12 weeks after the campaign reaches its funding goal.

While we think extending the campaign is a good thing for everyone involved, we also realize it is a change in the terms originally set forth. As such, we will respect any order cancellation requests from anyone who has already backed the campaign. Of course, we hope you will continue to support the Librem campaign, in which case you don’t need to do anything and your pledge will remain unchanged. In any case, we’re happy to address any questions or concerns you have about this extension.

Thanks everyone for your support and fantastic feedback. Please keep it coming!

Todd Weaver

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