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Jan 13, 2015

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Librem 13, Hardware Kill Switches, RMS, and More

Hello, backers!

Creating the world’s first privacy- and freedom-protecting high-end laptop has proven to be a great adventure. One of the most satisfying things about this adventure is the level of community engagement. We’ve received an astounding amount of feedback from all corners and the Librem 15 has evolved dramatically because of it (see previous updates), making it a better piece of hardware for everyone. Read on for some of the latest developments along these lines.

Librem 13 - a 13" version of the Librem 15

Since the launch of the Librem 15, we’ve received consistent requests for a 13" model. Indeed, the plan has always been to release the 13" model shortly after completing the 15" model. In fact, a prototype 13" unit has undergone daily use for several months now. For those of you who want a 13" laptop, but still want to support us in getting off the ground, we’re happy to announce the Librem Coupon as part of the Librem 15 crowdfunding campaign.

The Librem Coupon is a $500 coupon for any Librem laptop produced in the next two years and only costs $450 if ordered as part of the Librem 15 campaign. The plan is to run the Librem 13 crowdfunding campaign early this summer after the Librem 15 has shipped, though you could also count it toward a Librem 15 if you change your mind later. You can purchase the Librem Coupon directly off our campaign page.

Hardware Kill Switches

We’ve also received many requests for a way to disable various pieces of hardware, such as:

The question is no longer whether we will add this functionality, but rather how it will be implemented. To that end, we need your help making some decisions!

Would you prefer to disable hardware peripherals from keyboard shortcuts (controlled at the BIOS level) or would you prefer physical hardware switches that disable them?

An example of keyboard shortcuts that disable hardware is ALT+F2 disables the mouse and ALT+F3 disables wireless.

If you would prefer to disable at the hardware level, would you prefer to see the switches outside the case, where it is possible to toggle them individually, or inside the case on the motherboard, where it would be longer lasting and less accessible?

What other features would you like in an ideal laptop?

You can send your thoughts to

Bootscreen Image Design Contest Extension

We’ve extended the Bootscreen Image Design Contest until the end of the campaign (January 31, 2015). We’ve received some great entries so far, and hope to receive more yet. The winner receives a free Librem 15 laptop.

RMS on the Librem 15

In case you missed it, we recently took a huge step toward completely freeing the BIOS. Dr. Richard M. Stallman, president of the of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) commented on this progress. Read the details here.

Almost There

No part of this project would be possible without the community that has rallied around it. We’re nearly three quarters the way to our funding goal and the end is within sight. Thanks to everyone who has shown their support so far. Please continue to help by spreading the word and possibly introducing your friends to their next laptop.

Todd Weaver

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