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Aug 07, 2018

The μArt is Live!

Hiya fellow engineers and makers! Pro or hobbyist, you probably prefer working with tools that are reliable and flexible. You wouldn’t want a multimeter that isn’t adequately protected, has stability issues, or one that only works as a voltmeter, right? So why don’t we have the same quality requirements for UART converters? Aren’t these similarly key tools for many of us like a multimeter? Why do we put up with these converters that have quirky behaviour, need constant replacement, or are only good for specific electronics and voltages?

After having trouble (again) with one of my UART adapters, the above basic thoughts are what lead me to the creation of the μArt.

I am writing to announce that the μArt campaign is live and is accepting pledges! A successful campaign will be key to making the μArt in its ideal form available to everybody. So pledge and let us together finally create a worthy UART adapter that should have been available since long.

The μArt in action.

$10,464 raised

of $7,340 goal


days left





Pledge Now


Single μArt

A complete and full-featured μArt unit including its nifty case, for all your UART'ing needs.


The μArt Kit

A μArt unit, its case, a premium USB cable and IO cables. This kit contains everything to connect the μArt, so you can be sure to be able to hack right away.


Duo Pack of 2 μArts

Double the fun. Order two at the same time and save on shipping.


2x Cable Bundle

Moooore cables for multiple μArts. Includes two premium USB cables and four IO cables.


Captain Backer (4x μArts)

What is better than a μArt? 4x μArts! This is the backer option you need for teams and friends, or simply just if you are dead serious.

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