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Sep 30, 2019

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Teardown Recap

Qorvo RF Accelerator at Teardown 2019

Qorvo was proud to be a platinum sponsor of Teardown 2019, which was a great success and featured a variety of engaging talks, workshops, demos, and more. Below are some examples of how the Qorvo RF Accelerator contributed to to Teardown 2019.

Launch and live demo: LimeRFE

LimeRFE is a highly configurable RF front-end that provides multi-band power amplification and a low noise amplifier, plus filtering and support circuitry for the whole family of Lime products. The campaign was launched at Teardown and demoed all weekend during the Lime Software-Defined Radio Showcase. The campaign has since raised over 400% of their initial goal.

Luncheon discussion: We Are Women in Tech

Brandi Frye, Qorvo’s Corporate Vice President of Marketing and a 25-year tech veteran, kicked off a lively and thought-provoking discussion about what it’s like to be a woman in tech - both in years past and in the present day.

Talk: Keeping Customers Happy Through Yield Monitoring and Process Control

How can we address customer issues before they even happen? With years of experience monitoring yield limits and manufacturing processes for hints and clues, Qorvo’s own Brad Silvers gave Teardown attendees a peek into the field of customer quality control. Check out the video of his talk for details and insightful examples.

Does your RF project rely on the power of Qorvo parts? You might be eligible to join the Qorvo RF Accelerator 2019. Learn more about how Qorvo is cultivating the next generation of wireless products and solutions.

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