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Dec 11, 2020

Update 7 of 20

ESP32-M1 Reach Out & Design Tools Library

We’re excited to announce a new project joining the Qorvo RF Accelerator: the ESP32 Reach Out board is a compact ESP32-M1 development board that uses Qorvo parts to extend its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range to more than 1.2 kilometers. Qorvo has also created a Design Tools Library to help aide and equip the engineering community with resources needed to improve their design processes.

Coming Soon: ESP32-M1 Reach Out

ESP32-M1 Reach Out is a compact ESP32-M1 development board that is designed to help hobbyists, makers, and engineers develop robust communication systems using WiFi and Bluetooth protocols. The Reach Out board uses both the QPF4219 for RFFE and the RFSW8009TR7 RF switch to obtain its extended RF range. This impressive new board can reach more than 1.2 kilometers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, external antennas, and interfaces. Learn more about ESP32-M1 Reach Out and subscribe for a launch alert.

New Resource: Design Tools Library

One of Qorvo’s primary goals is supporting the engineering community – aiding designers in bringing their solutions to market quickly and successfully. To do so, we have created a Design Tools Library. The main purpose of this library of design tools is to equip you with resources to help streamline your design process and improve accuracy.

The collection of tools is intended for engineers developing applications in mobile, infrastructure, and defense markets. All of our tools are free – some can be used online, while others are downloadable. Learn more about the Qorvo Design Tools Library.

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