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Impedance Tuning & Design Summit Archive

This update features a quick guide to high voltage impedance tuning and how designers can use it to improve RF range and optimize antenna performance. If you missed the live Qorvo online webinar series, you can now check out any of the sessions on demand.

Blog Highlight: Quick Guide to High Voltage Impedance Tuning

A major design consideration in all mobile devices is improving RF range and connectivity. To ensure antenna efficiency is maintained, the best tuning devices are required. This article provides insight into what components are ideal for optimizing antenna performance.

Want to learn more about how designers can use aperture and impedance tuners to tackle some of the issues of mobile handsets: high band coverage requirements, industry design constraints, and limited real estate left to fit antennas? Check out the full post from Qorvo Blog Team and Nick Fields.

Design Summit Archive: Now Available On Demand

Was there a Design Summit online session that you missed? Have no fear, they are archived here! Re-watch or check out all of the online seminars.

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