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Feb 12, 2021

Update 9 of 20

XYNC Octo In Stock, LimeRFE Shipping Soon

Check out this update for news on two Qorvo RF Accelerator participating projects. The XYNC Octo is now in stock, and the LimeRFE boards are being assembled. Both boards are powered by Qorvo tech.

In Stock: XYNC Octo

If you’re working on a massive MIMO system or have a large swath of spectrum you need to monitor, you’re in luck! The XYNC Octo is now in stock. A single XYNC Octo provides you with 16 TX channels at 30 MHz - 3.7 GHz, and 16 RX channels at 30 MHz - 3.7 GHz. It relies on the power of Qorvo’s QPL9503SR RF amplifier.

Learn more and order your XYNC Octo here.

Update: LimeRFE Assembly Has Begun

The first production batch of LimeRFE boards is now going through assembly. The Lime Microsystems engineering team are lined up to carry out detailed lab testing of these units, followed by comprehensive production testing. The LimeRFE boards are packed with Qorvo tech - from the HAM LNA TQP3M9008 to the Cellular Front End power amplifier QPA9426.

Read the full update and preorder your LimeRFE here.

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