The ultimate low-cost massive MIMO SDR, with up to 32x32 transmit/receive channels

Feb 10, 2021

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XYNC Octo In Stock

by Crowd Supply

If you’re working on a massive MIMO system or have a large swath of spectrum you need to monitor, you’re in luck! The XYNC Octo is now in stock.

A single XYNC Octo provides you with 16 TX channels at 30 MHz - 3.7 GHz, and 16 RX channels at 30 MHz - 3.7 GHz. Two XYNC Octos can be synchronized and will give you 32 transmit and 32 receive channels.

The XYNC Octo relies on the power of Qorvo’s QPL9503SR RF amplifier.

XYNC is part of the Qorvo RF Accelerator.

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XYNC is part of Qorvo RF Accelerator

Key Components

QPL9503TR7 · RF amlplifier

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