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Fully Open ICE40 FPGA BeagleBone Cape

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Almost there!

Hi All,

We’ve hit 97% funding with 20 days to go. Thanks for all your support thus far.

The work on the 8K version is still under way and we are working toward providing newbie friendly tutorials.

Towards that, we are hoping to have Icestudio support by the end of the campaign. Icestudio provides a nice graphical interface for the icestorm toolchain.

Check out the icestudio code here:

$14,254 raised

of $7,500 goal

190% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices



One BeagleWire, open hardware ICE40 FPGA cape.


BeagleWire Deluxe Kit

BeagleWire kit including the ICE40 FPGA cape, BeagleBone black, and preloaded MicroSD card.


QWERTY Embedded Design

We are an open source development advocate that provides firmware, software, and hardware design services ranging from Linux kernel drivers and U-Boot support for new boards, to PCB design and custom FPGA IP blocks.

Michael Welling

Fearless Leader

Patryk Mężydło

PCB Architect and Software Developer


PCBA Manufacturer

GHI Electronics

PCBA Manufacturer

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