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Introducing the ULX3S PMOD Set!

by Goran Mahovlić

Now that we are in the final third of our campaign, we would like to offer up a few PMOD expansion boards for ULX3S so you can enjoy this FPGA board even more!

The PMOD Set includes three PMODs, described below. Connectors will not be soldered, but they will be included in the package.


  • Add two USB A ports to your ULX3S so you can, for example, connect a keyboard and a mouse at the same time
  • This PMOD has already been tested with Oberon, MiniMig, and Next186

Digital Video PMOD with a General-Purpose Differential Interface (GPDI)

  • You can use this PMOD as video input, video output, or for fast data transfer from one board to another
  • 3.3 V to 5 V I²C bidirectional level shifter IN/OUT


  • With this PMOD, you will be able to connect the OV7670 camera to ULX3S

All PMODs are open source. Information and design files are available here.

We want to thank OSH Park for sponsoring the early prototypes and the Shuttleworth Foundation for a flash grant that helped us get started on our PMOD repository!

All tested PMODs are (and will continue to be) available at OSH Park, and we will post all tested PMODS on Kitspace for the DIY crowd.

Finally, you can check 1BitSquared for compatible PMODs, including the LED panel we used in our promotion video

Until next update,

- The Radiona team!

P.S. Thank you all for helping us reach more than 300% of our goal!

$139,831 raised

of $15,000 goal

932% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Expansion Boards

A set of three expansion boards for ULX3S: one dual-USB board with support for IR send and receive, one Digital Video board for GPDI input or as a second GPDI output, and one OV7670 camera connector.


ULX3S with ECP5 12F

ULX3S development board with a Lattice ECP5 (LFE5U-12F-6BG381C) FPGA. 12k LUTs and a whole lot more.


ULX3S with ECP5 85F

ULX3S development board with a Lattice ECP5 (LFE5U-85F-6BG381C) FPGA. 84k LUTs and a whole lot more.


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