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A powerful, open hardware ECP5 FPGA dev board

Apr 03, 2020

Introducing the ULX3S PMOD Set!

Now that we are in the final third of our campaign, we would like to offer up a few PMOD expansion boards for ULX3S so you can enjoy this FPGA board even more! The ULX3S PMOD Set includes three PMODs: a dual-USB board, a digital video board, and an OV7670 camera connector. Read on for more details! Read the full update.

Mar 30, 2020

Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Crowd Supply's Discord

The ULX3S team will be hanging out on Crowd Supply's Discord this Wednesday, April 1st, at 1pm Pacific. Come on by and ask that question, offer that feedback, or make that suggestion. We'll see you there! Read the full update.

Mar 27, 2020

Taking DOS Gaming to the Next Level!

In our first video update, we would like to share with you the possibilities for DOS-based retro gaming on ULX3S. Read the full update.

Mar 17, 2020

Thanking You & Announcing Our First Stretch Goal

We reached over 200% of our crowdfunding goal in just three days, and we would like to say thank you for the support! We are also announcing a stretch goal. Help us hit it, and receive a free set of headers: two for PMODs and one for a an on-board display. Read the full update.

Mar 14, 2020

Ready for Crowdfunding

After many months of preparation, the team here at Radiona is ready to launch our crowdfunding campaign for the ULX3S FPGA with ESP32. Hackaday described ULX3S as creating "the Year of the Hacker FPGA," and we are finally ready to make that prediction a reality. Many people have worked to prepare this board – and the sample code that highlights its potential – for distribution to makers and hobbyists worldwide. We believe this is one of the best developer boards ever designed, as it incorporates a vast array of features and capabilities into one relatively small and reasonably priced package. Read the full update.

$50,829 raised

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338% Funded!

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A set of three PMODs for ULX3X: one dual-USB board with support for IR send and receive, one Digital Video board for HDMI input or as a second HDMI output, and one OV7670 camera connector.


ULX3S with ECP5 12F (Early Bird!)

ULX3S development board with a Lattice ECP5 (LFE5U-12F-6BG381C) FPGA. 12k LUTs and a whole lot more.


ULX3S with ECP5 12F

ULX3S development board with a Lattice ECP5 (LFE5U-12F-6BG381C) FPGA. 12k LUTs and a whole lot more.


ULX3S with ECP5 45F

ULX3S development board with a Lattice ECP5 (LFE5U-45F-6BG381C) FPGA. 45k LUTs and a whole lot more.


ULX3S with ECP5 85F

ULX3S development board with a Lattice ECP5 (LFE5U-85F-6BG381C) FPGA. 84k LUTs and a whole lot more.


Ten Pack - ULX3S with ECP5 12F

Ten ULX3S development boards with Lattice ECP5 (LFE5U-12F-6BG381C) FPGAs. 12k LUTs apiece. Outfit the team for a large project, deploy your creation within a business, or stock up for that engineering curriculum.


ULX3S Bare Board

Unpopulated ULX3S PCB


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