Talos Secure Workstation

The world's first ATX-compatible, workstation-class mainboard for the IBM POWER8 processor.

Oct 24, 2016

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Storage Server

We are pleased to announce the newest member of our Talos™ system lineup, the Talos™ Storage Server (TALP8S050)! This pre-assembled 4U rack mount server includes a pre-installed CPU of your choice (purchased separately), 128 GB of DDR3 ECC RAM, LSI SAS controller, and two Western Digital 4 TB SAS drives. The heavy-duty chassis provides 24 3.5" hot swap SAS drive bays and two 1200 W power supplies in a 1+1 redundant configuration. Your Talos™ Storage Server will come pre-installed with either Debian or CentOS so you can get up and running in no time.

We recommend pairing this machine with an 8-core 130 W or 190 W POWER8 CPU and Mellanox® Infiniband or Fibre Channel controller for use in its stated storage role. However, this server also makes a perfect platform on which to build a POWER8 virtual machine host, shared development system, rack control node, or any other application requiring expandability, security, and performance in a heavy-duty, industry-standard, rack-mount chassis. Simply pick an appropriate CPU for your intended workload and we’ll install it for you!

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