Lumenplay is a Bluetooth SMART enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored string of lights that you control with your Android or iPhone.

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The New York Times

"New holiday lighting systems and smartphone apps can make that inflatable Frosty look downright austere."

[technologytell] (http://www.technologytell.com/apple/119589/crowd-supply-find-lumenplay)

"AppleTell got a firsthand look at these lights at CE Week 2013, and they’re every bit as cool as they sound."

GeekBeat TV

"LED holiday lights you can control from your phone?!?! I love these!"


"Call it high-tech take on an old tradition."

Silicon Florist

"There’s many reasons I’m psyched about Lumenplay, a local company that’s built a smartphone controllable—and hackable—smart LED light system."

Lumenplay lights are the smartest string of lights you’ve ever experienced! They are multi-colored, Bluetooth SMART, energy efficient, long lasting LED lights that you control with your smart phone or tablet. Lumenplay gives you unprecedented control of your decorative lighting, reduces your energy costs and is designed last to for many years! Lumenplay delivers an amazing assortment of effects, games and music visualizers that you are sure to love.

Use the app to pick your perfect color

Make your own custom displays like the windows and trim of this house

Use the lights to create a focal point for holiday gathering

Sync your lights to music

Why Lumenplay?

How does Lumenplay work?

Lumenplay is a Bluetooth SMART enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored string of lights that you can control with your Android or iPhone.

Lumenplay is lights, strands, sets and a great app.


Each light can be customized to millions of colors, is break resistant, and is individually controlled. Easily changeable bulb covers are available in different shapes and holiday designs.


Lights are spaced every 8 1/4 inches on green colored strands. There are two strand lengths: 10 feet with 15 lights or 20 feet with 30 lights. Each starter strand has a Bluetooth SMART radio to talk to your Bluetooth SMART Ready device.


Each strand can be hooked together with extension strands to form a set. Up to 17 strands can be connected together for 340 feet of continuous lights. Lumenplay strands are waterproof and cool to the touch allowing you to use them indoors or outdoors.


The app gives you control over the following:

We’re aware that while the hardware is the most visible and interesting part of this project our software is the soul.

Ten Included Effects

Two Games

Music Visualizer

Select a song from your iTunes library and watch as your lights react to the music. Acts as a brightness meter to the beat of the music.

Interchangeable bulb covers


What can I do with the lights?

Word Jumble style

How do I install Lumenplay?

Lumenplay lights have the same Plug and Play simplicity as traditional holiday lighting! Simply hang the lights on the tree, gutter, mantle or other feature and plug them in, connect up to 16 extensions strands. After your lights have been hung, download our free app from the App Store or Google Play and you’re ready to go.


Don’t have a Bluetooth SMART READY device?

Not a problem! Add the ethernet bridge to your order and you can control the lights from any device with a web browser on your network. This includes all Android and iOS devices, Windows computers, Apple computers and Windows Mobile phones.

Choosing the Right Length for You

To determine what length is right for you, use this as a guide for decorating the following combo kits:

10’ Strand

20’ Strand

30’ Set

40’ Set

60’ Set

80’+ Set

We Need Your Help

As you can see from our videos and photos we are almost there, but we need your help to take this project to the next phase. We have a solid design, proven prototype, a reliable manufacturing plan and a distribution system lined up. What we are missing is customers. To drive the price down we need you and your friends to back our project and come up with clever ways to use Lumenplay lights. We are excited about seeing the ways you use the lights, incorporating your ideas and making these lights the best light strands you will ever own.

Lumenplay is financing the following activity ourselves

Research & DevelopmentSupport
Electrical Engineering $57,500Customer Service $20,000
Software Development $50,600Branding & Communication $6,250
Mechanical Engineering $43,600Package Design $2,000
Project Management $10,000Insurance $5,000
Trip to Manufacturer (x2) $10,000

Manufacturing Plan

We have lined up suppliers for end manufacturing and are currently going through the final review process. We are still designing new bulb covers and are seeking input from the community on which bulbs you want us to manufacture first.

Orders will be placed as soon as the project is funded to allow for the earliest delivery date to you. The first volume order will be shipped before black friday to allow you to decorate for Christmas!

GEEK ALERT!!!!!!! For the Makers

We believe Lumenplay lights should enable you to create stunning visual effects and be tailorable to your needs. With this vision we will be releasing software and code to permit fully addressing each light individually through software. Whether you want to upload a comma separated value file with each pixel defined by its HTML color code or you need to turn your building into a giant interactive Tetris game, we want to enable your creativity. To best support the community and sharing, code to control the lights will be released under the GPL 2.0 Open Source license.

We are releasing 4 ways for you to do this

All of these options will require a Bluetooth 4.0 SMART READY capable Bluetooth radio, if you don’t have one, USB dongles are available.

The fun doesn’t end with software

Custom bulb covers are one of the aspects that sets Lumenplay apart from any other light strands on the market. We know we will not be able to keep up with all of the great ideas that you can come up with. With that in mind we have chosen release the bulb cover snap features and a selection of our bulb designs as Open Hardware. We have provided STEP, IGES, STLPRT and STL files to let you design your own bulb covers and print them out on your 3D printer.

Meet the Creators

Rigado is a product development company in Oregon that in the last year alone has completed over 15 design projects for top named companies. The team’s brilliant imagination and passion for innovation are the driving force behind Lumenplay.

Chris Corrado

Chris is an entrepreneurial-focused product designer, and the Director of Business Development at Rigado. At 16, Chris designed and hand-made Santa and Nativity figurines, culminating in the sale of 48 designs to Designer Studios in a 2010 licensing contract. With further product development experience at American Trim and during his time at Rigado, Chris is the inspiration behind Lumenplay and will oversee design, functionality and marketing.

Ben Corrado

Ben has built Rigado to be an experienced low-power wireless engineering resource for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Ben gained experience as project manager, specializing in reliability and supply chain optimization of consumer goods at Garmin and Andrews-Cooper Technology. Ben will focus on the electrical engineering design and UL certification requirements, while managing the manufacturing and supply chain efforts of Lumenplay.

Justin Rigling

A 2008 graduate of MIT, Justin joined Ben in Oregon to pursue a dream to start an engineering firm that was sparked as the pair lead a team of high school seniors to break the world record for longest (distance) Wi-Fi connection. Justin has gained valuable experience in consumer product design and engineering during his years at Redwire, Garmin and Rigado. Justin will lead the engineering efforts of control board design and Bluetooth connectivity while ensuring efficient design for cost reductions.

Eric Stutzenberger

Rigado’s ‘Software Guru’, Eric has years of experience in software development and coding of back-end applications for low power devices during his time at Honeywell and Garmin before joining Rigado. Eric will focus on creating the code for the controller that facilitates the communication between the lights and the mobile-device, as well as writing the fundamental logic of the Lumenplay App.

Other Rigado Team Members

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Produced by Rigado in Salem, OR.

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About the Team


Salem, OR  ·   rigado.com

Rigado is a multi-discipline engineering design firm that provides full turnkey electronic product development.

Ben Corrado
Justin Rigling
Chris Corrado

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