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ESP32 Ninja

A small but powerful ESP32 based development board with many hidden powers…like a ninja!

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ESP32 Ninja is a ultra-small (29 x 37 mm), high-quality, 4 layer ESP32 IoT development board. It hosts all the hardware you may need in an tiny form factor in order to be used in custom IoT applications, primarily as a temperature and humidity node.

The project started as a challenge to build the smallest development board out there that supports USB UART and USB OTG interfaces, and is also packed with solutions for the most common issues a hobbyist or a researcher might deal with when tinkering and prototyping a new project, especially around IoT.

ESP32 Ninja can be a completely independent IoT node, giving feedback via the RGB LED or add-on OLED screen, while being able to accept input via two onboard buttons. It is designed with power and portability in mind with an ultra-low power mode and lithium polymer battery support, with a BMS (Battery Managment System) and a SoC (State of Charge) IC.

Features & Specifications

Open Source Hardware

Our open source files, including hardware schematics, can be found in our public Github Repository.

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About the Team


Nicosia, Cyprus  ·   RoboCY  ·

A small team of highly skilled engineers focused on building embedded systems for education and research.

Charalambos Charalambous
Michalis Demetriou
Andri Vrioni

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