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ROBO UNO+ is an open-hardware development board inspired by the good-old Arduino UNO R3. It was designed to be 100% compatible with the classic UNO R3, to use and expand the huge ecosystem around it, but redesigned from scratch with additional hardware features that make it a more comprehensive and versatile platform for enthusiasts and educators.

The design of ROBO UNO+ grew out of the feedback from 5 years of workshops we have given to educators and students, and 18 years of collective experience for personal projects by the team! It was specifically designed to help any new maker or educator have a smooth introduction to the world of electronics, programming, and Arduino, but at the same time boost the work of advanced and experienced people.

With ROBO UNO+, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into the world of Arduino or an experienced maker pushing the boundaries of embedded systems, our board will empower you to bring your ideas to life in exciting and innovative ways. Welcome to the future of Arduino development!

Features & Specifications

MicrocontrollerATmega328P ATmega328PATmega328PATmega328P
Input voltage5 VDC 7-12 VDC7-12 VDC7-12 VDC
Digital I/O pins14x 14x14x14x
PWM outputs6x 6x6x6x
Analog inputs8x 8x8x8x
Flash memory32 KB 32 KB32 KB32 KB
Clock speed16 MHz 16 MHz16 MHz16 MHz
USB-to-serial chipCP2102 CH340GATmega16u2ATmega16u2
USB connectorType-C Micro-B Type-B Type-B
BuzzerYes Yes No No
Silkscreen components markingYes Yes No No
User buttons4x 1x None None
RGB LEDs3x None None None
OLED display connectorYes No No No
STEMMA QT / Qwiic JST connectorYes No No No
PCB Copper Layers4x 2x 2x 2x

Bells & Whistles

Below are some of the improvements we’ve made, in more detail.

Probably the only four-layer UNO R3 board in the universe!

Yeah, you heard right! The ROBO UNO+ development board sets itself apart with its advanced four-layer printed circuit board (PCB) design, offering significant benefits over traditional two-layer PCBs, and probably making it the only four-layer UNO R3 board in the universe! This sophisticated layering enhances electrical performance by reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI), a critical factor in maintaining signal integrity for complex electronics projects. Additionally, the four-layer configuration allows for a more compact board design, optimizing space for additional features and functionality. This design approach facilitates better heat dissipation, ensuring ROBO UNO+ operates reliably under a wide range of conditions. Integrating internal ground and power planes also improves power distribution throughout the board, leading to more stable and efficient operation. This enhancement make ROBO UNO+ a superior choice for enthusiasts and educators seeking a robust platform for their innovative projects.

Say goodbye to the mess

Based on our research and experience, almost all medium to advanced projects include some pushbuttons for input, a buzzer to generate audio feedback and sounds, a few LEDs for visible feedback, and most probably a display. Wiring these components for each new project is time-consuming and messy. Incorporating these components directly onto the board streamlines your project build, allowing you to focus more on coding and project-specific wiring.

ROBO UNO+ specifically incorporates, and saves a lot of wiring for: 1x Buzzer 3x RGB LEDs 4x General Purpose Buttons 1x Plug & Play OLED Port 1x I2C JST-SH Port

Dive right to the action - smoother learning curve

Over six years of teaching microcontroller prototyping, we’ve seen beginners struggle with the steep learning curve of both electronics and programming. The ROBO UNO+ simplifies this by incorporating onboard components, clear labels, and easy-to-use features, allowing learners to start with programming and gradually progress to electronics. Since this is a classic educational platform, we labeled all the main components on the silkscreen so students can easily recognize and understand the board layout.

Of course, we wouldn’t limit you in any way; if you prefer not to use the built-in hardware, all pins are accessible for your custom use.

ROBO UNO+ Quest Map

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Just your ROBO UNO+ I²C 128x32 OLED Sensor Pack I²C 128x64 OLED
Hello WorldHello DisplayNight LightDoom
Buzzer FunDisplay CounterEnvironmental Meeting
PianoWashing MachineAltitude Logger
Traffic LightsReaction GameLight Tracker
Police SirenLight Synth
Binary Counter
Xmas Lights
Mood Light
Egg Timer
Burglar Alarm

To make your journey even easier, we prepared a list of 20 ready-made projects, ensuring you have a smooth kickoff! A piano project, a police system, an egg timer, an altitude logger, and even DOOM is on the list to play with! All the projects are available in our GitHub repository :)

Expanded connectivity

ROBO UNO+ boasts double header pin rows, providing increased connectivity options for additional sensors, actuators, and expansion modules. A big upgrade is the JST-SH port for plug-and-play connectivity with ROBO UNO+ add-ons, Adafruit’s STEMMA QT, and Sparkfun’s Qwiic ecosystem, opening up an entirely new world of expansion boards for your projects.

OLED Display Port

ROBO UNO+ includes a standard four-pin connector for the popular SSD1306 OLED display. This plug-and-play feature allows for seamless integration of I2C displays, providing a visual interface to showcase project data, status, user interactions, or even mini-games.

Upgrade to the latest technology with a USB TypeC connector

Our journey in developing the ROBO UNO+ has been remarkable. From initial sketches to the final prototype, every step was driven by our passion for technology, electronics, and education. By backing our campaign, you’re not just getting early access to the ROBO UNO+; you are literally bringing this project to life and you’re shaping the future of our startup by giving us fuel to design and develop even cooler and useful open hardware for you!

Open Source

The schematics and 20 full project examples for ROBO UNO+ are all availabe in our GitHub repository.

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A small team of highly skilled engineers focused on building embedded systems for education and research.

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