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Mar 10, 2020

Project update 27 of 29

MakeCode Support!

by Cian B

Robo HAT MM1 users can now test out the Beta support on MakeCode - Microsoft’s education friendly platform. Check it out.

Over the past month we have been working on adding the Robo HAT MM1 to MakeCode to enable block based coding. MakeCode also supports Python (NEW Feature!) and JavaScript.

It has a built in simulator so you can see what your code will do without needing the board connected. Then easily deploy it using the UI.

There are many other boards on there as well that you can use and play with.

Happy coding!

COVID-19 Update

China is still experiencing a shutdown. It is slowly returning to normal operation. Our team is spread out across the world at the moment and waiting for re-entry permission to China - which could be soon or much later.

We are still working on software related projects and expanding the features of the Robo HAT MM1 during this time.

###Backer Questions

We have had a few backers question the assembly process for the EDU Car Kit. The kit is not intended to use all the sensors at the same time. The idea behind the kit was that backers could use individual sensors for many different projects - like line following, distance sensing, object avoidance, detecting objects, etc. It was never planned as a Donkey Car Kit - this requires specialized motors and wheel base from

We are happy to work with backers who bought this kit individually to achieve the project goals you have in mind. A list of all the parts included in the kit and what each sensor can do is available here.

We have been focusing strongly on the Donkey Car kit as this is what many backers bought the Robo HAT MM1 for. This has taken a long time as there are so many different use cases and setups. As stated in a previous update - this is mainly done but is constantly being updated to suit the needs of the project. There is a guide for the Donkey Car available here.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Robotics Masters Team

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