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Dec 06, 2023

Project update 3 of 7

Integrating With Amazon Alexa for Seamless, Room-to-Room Music

by Sina M

Three years ago, we started the development of RoomSense IQ, aiming to redefine our living spaces. One exciting aspect of this transformation is the ability to create personalized experiences. In this update, we’ll explore the integration of RoomSense IQ with smart speakers to orchestrate a seamless room-to-room music experience. Imagine a scenario where your music or your favorite podcast follows you, playing only in the room you’re currently occupying. Let’s make it a reality!

In this particular scenario, we establish a connection between Amazon Alexa and RoomSense IQ to enable the playing of music based on our presence in a room. You can follow a similar process to connect to other smart speakers such as Apple HomePod or Google Nest. We use IFTTT integration and Virtual buttons to trigger Amazon Alexa routines.

1. Connect the mkZense skill to your IFTTT

This will establish a connection between IFTTT and your Alexa app.

Note: The skill is free for the first 3 button triggers and $5 per year for unlimited use. It creates a virtual device that Alexa will detect and that can be added to routines.

2. Add the IFTTT integration to Home Assistant

You will find this under Settings → Devices & Services.

3. Create Automation → Add Trigger

Note: This should trigger ‘plays music’. A trigger to stop music would be "From" 2, "To" 0.

4. Add Action → Call Service

5. Choose a descriptive name for your automation and save it

6. Go to your IFTTT account and create a new Applet

7. Go to your Alexa app and create a new routine

Note: For vacant rooms, you can choose "Stop audio on my Echo device"

That’s it!

Now you have a smart audio system that pays attention to your location. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have!

Our dedication to simplifying home automation for everyone stems from a passion to create spaces that are not only more efficient but also more enjoyable and responsive to human needs. We’ve just started, and your consideration and support for our mission are invaluable as we strive to turn this vision into a reality. Thank you for your consideration and for supporting our mission.

Best Regards,

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