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An advanced, open source, Home Assistant compatible presence-based automation solution for DIY smart home enthusiasts

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RoomSense IQ is a breakthrough all-in-one sensor device for attendance-based room automation which empowers smart home enthusiasts to effortlessly automate every aspect of their home simply through their attendance. As you move around, your home seamlessly provides relevant services, creating an enjoyable experience and convenient environment. It’s as if your home and you are in perfect harmony.

This state-of-the-art room monitoring device employs fusion of cutting-edge mmWave radar technology and PIR sensors to accurately detect and measure the movement of individuals. In addition, it features a temperature and humidity sensor for indoor climate control, an ambient light sensor for intelligent light control.

Lighting, Heating, Cooling, Control

RoomSense IQ offers a wide range of use-cases to enhance your living space. It provides precise occupancy detection for automating lighting, heating/cooling, home entertainment, and more, resulting in significant energy savings and cost reduction. Additionally, RoomSense IQ measures temperature and humidity, optimizing your environment for comfort and wellness. It detects occupancy accurately, alerting you to any unexpected or unauthorized movements. By integrating with Home Assistant, you receive real-time notifications and complete control over your living space, enabling informed decisions on energy management, security, and comfort.

The device’s open-source hardware design allows customization, enabling tailored occupancy detection to meet specific needs and preferences. Whether creating a smart home, improving energy efficiency, or enhancing security, RoomSense IQ empowers you to transform your living space into an intelligent, personalized haven.

Sensors, Status and Power, Oh My!

Roomsense IQ utilizes mmWave radar technology to detect subtle movements within a range of 5 meters and has a wide 120-degree field of view. To ensure precise detection and reduce false alarms, the sensor is equipped with a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor. This intelligent feature filters out non-human activities, focusing on human presence and motion detection. The sensor incorporates an ESP32S3 MCU, which provides seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables effortless integration into existing IoT networks and systems, allowing for real-time data transmission and remote monitoring.

The built-in light sensor enables smart lighting control. By accurately measuring ambient light levels, the sensor can automatically adjust lighting conditions, optimizing energy consumption and creating a comfortable environment.

Climate control is another vital consideration for comfortable living and efficient resource management. The device can be equipped with additional temperature and humidity sensors, providing comprehensive climate data. This allows for intelligent climate control systems, optimizing energy usage and enhancing occupants’ comfort.

Incorporating a multi-purpose RGB LED, the sensor offers versatile visual indications. This feature can be utilized to convey various status messages or provide notifications, making it ideal for applications that require clear visual feedback. The sensor’s USB-C interface serves a dual purpose, providing both power and serial communication capabilities.

ProxiSense, CalSense, BedSense, and EnergySense

RoomSense IQ represents a significant leap forward in home automation technology. With its advanced features such as ProxiSense, CalSense, BedSense, and EnergySense, users gain unparalleled control over their living environments. The Home Assistant integration auto-poplates a visually appealinhg dashboard, providing valuable insights into your room environment. It effortlessly manages multiple sensors, enhancing the overall user experience.By embracing RoomSense IQ, homeowners can transform their houses into smart, energy-efficient, and personalized spaces.

One of the standout features of RoomSense IQ is ProxiSense, which enables proximity-based controls. ProxiSense accurately measures the distance to a target, empowering users to establish customized automation zones. This includes defining zones for work at your desk or relaxation while watching TV, among other possibilities.

CalSense provides accurate calibration of macro and micro energy levels. It enables users to adjust energy levels in individual distance bins, allowing for the creation of blind spots for the sensor, such as filtering out disturbances from a shaking curtain. Additionally, it facilitates the establishment of a customized base-line for the sensor.

BedSense, another powerful feature, introduces a new level of automation based on presence in bed. By detecting occupancy, RoomSense IQ can trigger various actions, such as adjusting room temperature, activating sleep mode for connected devices, or even initiating a soothing bedtime routine. BedSense offers a personalized and comfortable experience, tailored to individual preferences.

EnergySense enables users to monitor the energy usage of devices controlled by RoomSense IQ. With real-time insights and updates, homeowners can gain a deeper understanding of their energy consumption patterns. This information empowers them to make informed decisions about their energy usage, leading to greater efficiency and potentially lower utility bills.

Managing multiple sensors can often be challenging, but RoomSense IQ simplifies the process with its multi-sensor tab management feature. This feature allows users to organize and control multiple sensors effortlessly, streamlining the management of various environmental factors within the home. Whether it’s living room, bedroom or kitchen, users can conveniently monitor and adjust settings from a single interface.

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Open Source Ethos

In a nod to the open source community, RoomSense IQ supports the integration of Home Assistant through MQTT auto-discovery protocol. This means that users can easily connect their devices to an open-source Home Assistant dashboard, providing a centralized control hub for their smart home ecosystem. The open-source nature of the dashboard allows for flexibility, customization, and the ability to incorporate a wide range of devices seamlessly.

And of course, you can find our open source files and documentation in our public Github repository.

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