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Dec 20, 2023

Project update 5 of 7

Our Campaign Is Wrapping Up

by Sina M

Hello everyone,

We hope you’re doing well and gearing up for a joyous holiday season. As the year draws to a close, our campaign is also nearing its end. However, I’m excited to announce we have received the initial shipment of ClimateSense boards from our supplier for testing and evaluation!

Our ClimateSense modules integrate seamlessly with RoomSense IQ to monitor up to ten indoor climate conditions like temperature, humidity, CO₂ levels, smoke, and other such data. Enjoy unparalleled household harmony, where home services follow your every step and provide actionable insights to help you keep your living and working spaces healthy, comfortable, and productive.

Your early commitment means the world to us. As we enter the final stretch of our campaign, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on exclusive campaign pricing. , as RoomSense IQ products will be slightly more expensive after crowdfunding is over.

If you have any questions or want more details, we invite you to reach out using the appropriate Ask a question link on our campaign page.

Thank you again for being a crucial part of our crowdfunding journey. We appreciate your support more than words can express.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic start to the New Year!


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