MangoPi-Nezha MQ

A tiny, open source RISC-V based developer kit

Mar 10, 2022

Project update 2 of 3

Thank You & Questions

by Mango Buge, Andy Chen

We’re so grateful for all the backers who have supported our project! You all drive us to keep going. And thanks as well to the amazing Crowd Supply team, whose efforts have helped us get this campaign up and running.

With our first week of crowdfunding under way, we’ve begun to receive questions from backers, and we wanted to answer some of them here in this update.

Question: Crowd Supply prevents me from backing this project due to a lack of CE certification (I’m in Europe).

We’re sorry about the restrictions on those of you in Europe because we didn’t manage to get a CE mark in time for this campaign. We will proceed with RoHS certification and CE marking after this campaign ends so that we can make future revisions of MangoPi-Nezha MQ available to European customers.

Question: Do you provide a demo or tutorial to guide us in running RT-Smart OS?

Yes, definitely. We are planning to provide all of the documentation that a developer would need to have a great experience using this board. We will upload a video and a guide soon. By the time you receive your board and begin playing around with it, you will also find answers to many of your questions on our website.

Question: How is the project going? What’s the next step?

Since this is the first week of our campaign, we’re focusing on responding to feedback from the community. It’s wonderful to have so many people interested in this project and willing to share their ideas with us. We’re taking this feedback very seriously and looking into ways that we can incorporate your suggestions.

Next week’s update will include a video that highlights what MangoPi-Nezha MQ can do. Meanwhile, we welcome any and all feedback. And thanks again for your support. More soon!

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