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MangoPi-Nezha MQ

A tiny, open source RISC-V based developer kit

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MangoPi-Nezha MQ is an open-source RISC-V development board that integrates Wi-Fi connectivity and dual USB Type-C ports into one tiny (4x4 cm) package. Powered by the Allwinner D1s chip, it provides support for rich display interfaces like RGB, DSI, and LVDS. It also includes onboard silicon microphones and class-D amplifiers for audio output.

The RISC-V open-source instruction-set architecture (ISA) has reached a turning point. We invite you to join a community that is growing like crazy!

Firmware & Software

MangoPi-Nezha MQ runs Tina Linux, an OpenWrt-based embedded system. Combined with the LVGL open-source graphics library, this platform allows you to take full advantage of the board’s hardware features. An optimized Debian Linux distribution is available as well.

We’ve also implemented support for xboot and RT-Smart, a high-performance microkernel operating system for professional, real-time applications. RT-Smart provides an open-source foundation for all kinds of embedded devices, whether you’re working in consumer electronics, security, industrial control, or some other sector that relies on embedded technology (which, these days, is pretty much every sector). Microkernels fill the gap between traditional real-time operating systems (RTOSs) and heavier solutions like Linux. As a result, platforms like RT-Smart tend to do a better job of balancing real-time performance, cost, security, and startup speed.

And if you’re new to these technologies, MangoPi-Nezha MQ is not only a perfect way to get started with RISC-V, it’s also a great introduction to Linux and to microkernels!

Features & Specifications


MangoPi-Nezha MQAllwinner D1 Dev BoardRPi Zero WSIN-V3s SDK Board
CPU RV64 1 GHz RV64 1 GHz ARM11 1 GHz A7 1 GHz
OS Tina-Linux & RT-Smart microkernel OS Tina-Linux/Debian ArmBian Tina-Linux
RAM64 M DDR2 1 GB DDR3 512 M LPDDR2 64 M DDR2
PowerUSB Type-C USB Type-C MicroUSB MiniUSB
Wi-FiWi-Fi 4 Wi-Fi 4 Wi-Fi 4 Wi-Fi 4
Analog Audio1 W amp out Line out None Line out
Analog MicCapacitor mic None None Capacitor mic
Wired NetworkingRequires HW expansion 1000/100 Mbps Requires HW expansion 100 Mbps
USBHost & OTG Host & OTG Host OTG
Size4 x 4 cm 8.5 x 5.5 cm 6.5 x 3 cm 9.5 x 9.1 cm
Price$39 $99 + shipping $10 + shipping_$19 + shipping

Support & Documentation

Please feel free to reach out with technical questions using the appropriate link below!

Fulfillment & Logistics

You can learn more about Crowd Supply’s fulfillment service under Ordering, Paying, and Shipping in their guide. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell MangoPi-Nezha MQ to customers in Europe, as it is not CE marked.

In the Press

Hackster News

"This tiny board is equipped with dual USB-C connectors, Wi-Fi, multiple flat ribbon interfaces, GPIO pins, and many other features ideal for embedded development."

LFFL logo

LFFL-Linux Freedom

"The company is working on a dual version of the product, to meet everyone's needs. We will have an Arm version, with the Allwinner T113-S3 dual-core Cortex-A7 processor on board , or alternatively the Allwinner D1s / F133-A 64-bit RISC-V ."


"[A]t $39, it’s one of the most affordable options for folks looking to dip their toes in developing hardware and software projects around RISC-V architecture."

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Produced by RT-Thread & MangoPi SBC in Shanghai, China.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

MangoPi-Nezha MQ

Open source RISC-V development board

$39 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team

RT-Thread & MangoPi SBC

Shanghai, China  ·   rt-thread.io

Open-Source Community-Powered Real-time Operating System(RTOS) for the Internet of Things(IoT) Industry!

Andy Chen
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Mango Buge
MangoPi - Your tiny SBC manufacturer!

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