PD Micro

by Ryan Ma

Arduino Pro Micro functionality and pinout with 5-20 V power delivery through USB-C

View all updates Dec 16, 2020

We Are Live!

by Ma Ho Yuen

Finally, the world first Arduino programmable USB-C Power Delivery board is available. If you are interested, please support the project! Thank you for sticking with us as we got this ready this year. We promise it’s worth the wait.

PD-Micro provides safe, controlled power delivery, comes with a USB Type-C power delivery Arduino library, is a standalone, programmable PD trigger, and is fully open source. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

About the Author

Ma Ho Yuen

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557% Funded!

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PD Micro

One PD Micro, one set of pin headers, and one Molex 3.5 mm screw terminal jack


2x PD Micro

Two PD Micros, two sets of pin headers, and two Molex 3.5 mm screw terminal jacks


4x PD Micro

Four PD Micros, four sets of pin headers, and four Molex 3.5 mm screw terminal jacks


Ryan Ma

Ma Ho Yuen

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