myki LED Light

A bright, portable, hackable, full-color LED light fixture, for use on stage, in exhibits, and in the classroom.

Apr 22, 2013

Project update 2 of 2

myki LED Light Update 4/22

Dear Backers,

We just passed $9000 raised! Thank you so much for your support!

There are couple of cool updates today.

First, Ryan Fhust, one of our SaikoLED Challenge winners in Michigan, has integrated the myki prototype light with Artemis to reproduce the bridge of a starship. The light is controlled using DMX, and it looks like they’re making great progress!

Second, we’ve revamped our website at and also our LED lighting blog at

Please help spread the word! We’re hopeful that our new website will make it a lot easier to explain just what the myki does.

Thanks again, you’re all the best! Brian

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