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Mar 26, 2013

10% Funding Goal Reached and myki Challenge winners!

Dear Backers,

The myki LED light is off to a fantastic start, and is now at 10% funding! Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you continue to tell your friends about the project so that we can reach our funding goal!

It’s also time to announce the winners of the myki Challenge, where we’re giving away prototypes of our light to hackers and artists for cool projects.

We got a lot of great submissions, and will be giving a prototype myki LED light to three teams. In no particular order,

  1. Friendship and Unicorns Creation Collective, for their project “Party Mode Button” to incorporate a myki light with a disco ball and giant button!

  2. CUBICAL90, for their project “Prism Cavern” to use prisms and other cool optics with the myki light!

  3. U.S.S. i3 Detroit, for their project “Artemis Spaceship Lighting” to use the myki light with the Artemis Spaceship Simulator game (which is totally sweet)!

Congratulations to the winners! We’ll be in touch over the next few weeks to get you your prototypes!

$10,742 raised

of $50,000 goal

Funding Unsuccessful

May 03 2013






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SaikoLED is a Somerville, MA based small business focused on providing an easy to use, easy to hack platform for high quality LED lighting.

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