The WAVE Apple Watch Charging Stand

The SchuttenWorks WAVE is An Apple Watch charging stand that Combines technology with nature.

May 06, 2015

Project update 1 of 2

The WAVE tries on the Apple Watch!

Great news! Our Apple Watch arrived today (Sports, 38mm Space Gray) so we have been able to verify the design of the stand with the actual charger that ships with the Apple Watch. You may not know, but the Sports model ships with a plastic induction charger pod, while the stainless steel watch comes with stainless steel charger. Both have the same diameter and work just fine in the stand, although we may cut the pocket for the charger slightly deeper (about 0.02 inch) This means we will be ready to start limited production next week, plenty in time for early June deliveries.

Here are some pictures of our Watch on the WAVE. We think it looks GREAT!

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