HiFive Unleashed

The world’s first RISC-V-based, Linux-capable development board

Mar 18, 2018

Project update 2 of 7

Thanks and Hackathon Winners

The campaign has officially ended. For those of you who have ordered, thanks for your support and keep an eye out for an email from Crowd Supply when your board ships. Everything is on track for the end of March!

The early-access boards are rolling off the manufacturing line and we’re doing our final inspections. The manufacturing yields are looking good and we’ll be offering a few more boards for sale on Crowd Supply for the June 30 shipment.

Here is the final HiFive Unleashed in all its glory:

Embedded Linux Conference Hackathon Winners

Last week, we held our first-ever RISC-V Hackathon at the Embedded Linux Conference, where folks were able to get their hands on the HiFive Unleashed for the first time. Over 30 Developers working as 18 different teams worked late into the night for three days to complete the designated challenges on the HiFive Unleashed and HiFive1 platforms.

Congratulations to the winners of the first-ever RISC-V Hackathon at the Embedded Linux Conference 2018! They walked away with a $2,000 USD prize and their very own HiFive Unleashed board. We’re excited to see what everybody will do with the boards!

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