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Sep 25, 2018

Project update 8 of 19

Campaign Finished

We did it: 300% funded! A big thank you to all backers for supporting my project! :)

Now the hard work can begin! A lot of it has already started during the campaign. I had some stock already on hand, and now it’s becoming the first stock to be shipped to Crowd Supply for distribution to backers:

Other than that, I have been working hard to get all components ordered for 1,000 more units. I decided to place these orders before the end of the campaign because of the uncertainty and price increases caused by tariffs and the resulting shortages as everyone starts to hoard parts. I was especially worried about getting the 22uF 0805 MLCC capacitors I use a lot in this design, but I’m happy to report I have about 12,000 of them in stock now! This is going to be the biggest build I’ve ever done, and I’ve been amazed at the ton of stuff it takes to build this many boards:

I also was happy to receive the 1,000 new PCBs I need for this new build just today:

They are from a different supplier than my first round, due to logistics issues. It’s always a bit scary to place this big an order with a new supplier, but they turned out looking excellent!

Next: pass everything to Colorado Tech Shop for assembly, and build, build, build. :)

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