An ESP32-based board with wired Ethernet connectivity and power over Ethernet

Nov 08, 2018

Project update 6 of 20

Final Week

We are already in the final week of the campaign… so if you have been putting off placing an order, now’s the time! Plus more demo code, this time with a project based on Mongoose OS.

MongooseOS Demo

Mongoose OS describes itself as "An ideal framework for IoT product pilot". As many recent news stories have highlighted, it is hard to do IoT right. If you have an idea for an IoT application but you are not an expert when it comes to the backend infrastructure needed to create reliable, secure and updateable IoT devices that won’t be hacked instantly, you are best off leaving these concerns to experts.

Mongoose OS is an excellent place to start. It provides a solid full-featured base that takes care of all these infrastructure concerns for you so you can focus on your application. And with the ability to develop your application in C or Javascript, built-in backends for several popular cloud services, tons of libraries, excellent documentation, easy-to-use management tools and OTA update functionality built-in, you can get from zero to a professional deployable product very quickly!

The demo project is another variant of the simple light demo, but this time just on/off without PWM because it integrates so nicely with the mDash generated app. Yes, instead of going to a local IP address or sending status updates with curl, at the end of this demo you will be controlling the light with a nice looking web app, generated from the MongooseOS dashboard!

The code itself is very simple, just 34 lines of Javascript in fs/init.js that takes care of managing the device’s state shadow and setting the LED state, and a mos.yml configuration file where you configure the project correctly for the Ethernet phy on the wESP32 and declare the libraries that are used. The demo project’s README guides you through the excellent Mongoose OS quick start guide and explains where to deviate from it, so it should be really straightforward to get this demo up and running.

Stretch Goal?

Unless tons of people are waiting till the end of the campaign to put in their pledges, it looks like we may not be getting to our $15K stretch goal after all. A shame, I really wanted to give away some headers!

So if you know any fellow hardware hackers that may be interested in this project, or publications, bloggers or youtubers that would want to cover it, now’s the time to hit them up! And remember, prices always go up after the campaign is over, so it’s not too late yet to get a low cost 5 or 10 pack for that home automation project you’ve always wanted to do. :)

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