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Big Buck Bunny Board Book

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Aug 21, 2015

Big Buck Bunny Board Book Beginning

We’re just about a day into the campaign and already over 8%! That’s a great start, so thank you to every one of you who has got us this far already!

I’ve published a Medium post with a bit more about the philosophy behind the project, you can check it out (and recommend and share!) at https://medium.com/@singpolyma/creative-freedom-for-children-who-become-adults-69a044f1a919

I’ve seen some great GNU Social, Twitter, and Facebook posts go out from some of you already in support of the campaign, so thank you for that. Keep on sharing and letting people know, and we can do this thing!

I’m pretty excited about what’s coming next, so stay posted for further developments throughout the campaign.


$1,140 raised

of $2,700 goal

Funding Unsuccessful

Oct 04 2015






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