Big Buck Bunny Board Book

A board book for babies, based off of Blender’s iconic and freely-licenced short film, Big Buck Bunny.

Sep 24, 2015

Colouring Pages!

Colouring Pages!

With 10 days left in our campaign, I’ve finally confirmed something exciting: every pledge level will include a print-at-home PDF of two accompanying colouring pages! The pages are being prepared by an artist I know and will also be under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license when complete. The photo of a pencil sketch I included in an earlier update is a preview of part of an early version of one of these pages.

There is also a new pledge tier! For $100 four lucky backers will receive, besides the board book, one of the original pencil sketches signed by the artist.

We’re at 39% now! Let’s keep pushing, and we can make this book a reality!

Thanks to everyone for all of their support so far.

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