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Dec 10, 2020

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Kryptor 1.4 Is Out Of The Factory

by Piret Uustal

We are happy to announce that our new updated Kryptor 1.4 is now out of the factory and things are moving ahead fast. The board has been produced in Belgium and we are very satisfied with the results.

As mentioned in the previous post there are several changes we made on the board. The size is now much smaller (22.8 x 31.2 mm, saving about 4 mm in length), it is built in 4 layers (with larger ground planes) instead of 2, we have added castellated pads on both sides of the board and implemented a completely new JTAG mechanism. The benefits of all those changes are explained in depth in our previous post.

The new JTAG custom connectors are yet to arrive from our factory in Italy, hence we are still waiting to test the new PCB and verify the new connectivity (electrical and mechanical) with it. The new connector will also be needed to install our HSM softcores into the FPGA chip of the new board.

We are now also in the conditions to run the EMC tests needed for the CE marking/certification which will be done after the campaign closes and before sending Kryptor out to our customers.

At the same time we are working on several in-depth tutorials that would allow our customers to easily use Kryptor in diverse projects and use cases. We are excited to put all this material together for you by the time Kryptor will be ready to be released for the public.

To engage with you directly, we welcome you to join us on our Telegram group or Twitter account @SkudoTech

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