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Sep 29, 2020

Project update 2 of 16

Updated Kryptor board v1.4

by Piret Uustal

Time has been flying since our previous post, but we are ready to share some really good news with you.

In our last post, we mentioned some of the changes we planned to make on the Kryptor board. Two of those changes were moving from a 2- to a 4-layer PCB to prepare the board for passing the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing required to get the CE marking of conformity, and changes on the JTAG physical interface that would ensure the smallest PCB footprint. We are happy to say we have accomplished all of that and much more. Read on to see how the new improvements will benefit you.

Benefits of the new Kryptor board

The following images show how the layouts have changed between our previous Kryptor and the new Kryptor ver 1.4.

The new Kryptor board is an evolution of the previous board and represents the final design that will go into production. The set of changes to the new board’s features positively affects many aspects of its usability, flexibility, efficiency, and safety.

What’s next

Our team is working continuously to make Kryptor available as soon as possible and bring it to you with the highest quality possible. Our next steps include producing a small batch of new Kryptor boards and JTAG connectors to test their performance and quality even further. Additionally, we plan to go through EC certification and laboratory testing with this latest version of Kryptor.

We are also continually researching and testing interesting new applications where you can use Kryptor and will demonstrate those to you in our upcoming newsletters.

To engage with you directly and more frequently, we welcome you to join us on our Telegram group or Twitter account @SkudoTech. And as always, we are happy to hear from you. Your feedback and suggestions for our project are important. So, please be sure to share them with us.

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