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Oct 23, 2023

Project update 14 of 16

The FPGA Market is Finally Recovering

by Piret Uustal

Dear Backers,

We are excited to reach out to you to share an important update regarding our Kryptor FPGA project.

Firstly, we want to express our sincere thanks for your ongoing support. Your backing has been crucial in making our vision a reality, and we truly appreciate your patience and dedication. Over the past two years, we’ve encountered a significant challenge. The scarcity of the required FPGA chips in the market significantly slowed down our project. We understand this has been frustrating, and we’ve been working hard to find a solution.

The good news is that FPGA chip availability on the market is gradually improving. We’re actively working with multiple distributors to secure the components needed. While we can’t provide an exact timeline, rest assured that we’re committed to resuming the project as soon as we have the chips in hand. We want to emphasize that, apart from the FPGA chips, all other components required for the project are ready and waiting. Our team is fully prepared to move forward with production and fulfillment as soon as we have the missing piece.

We’ll keep you updated as we make substantial progress. We believe in transparency and will share information as it becomes available. Meanwhile, we’re working behind the scenes to prepare for the next phases of the project.

Once we have the FPGA chips, there will be several essential steps, including assembly, testing, code customization, CE marking, packaging, and more. This process will take a few months, and we’ll provide updates and timelines as we move through each phase. Your trust in our project means a lot, and we remain dedicated to delivering a high-quality product that meets your expectations. We value your support and understand the anticipation about the project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team. We’re here to assist you. Also,we welcome you to join us on our Telegram group or Twitter account @SkudoTech, to engage with us directly. Thank you once again for your support, understanding, and patience. We’re excited about the progress we’re making and look forward to sharing more good news soon.

Best regards,
Skudo Team

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