Bee Motion S3

A compact, open source ESP32-S3 PIR motion sensing board

Dec 20, 2022

Project update 3 of 9

Bee Motion S3's Multiple Programming Options

by PAUL p

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone celebrating this time of year! I hope you all are doing well. Another week of the campaign is done and we’re getting closer to the funding goal to make this project a reality. I really appreciate all the support!

The Bee Motion S3’s Multiple Language Support

From the outset of this project, I knew I wanted the Bee Motion S3 to support many different programming languages. At launch, it will support Arduino, MicroPython, CircuitPython, and ESPhome.

You can find example sketches for each of these supported languages in the Bee Motion S3 GitHub repo. I wanted to make sure that starting a project with Bee Motion S3 would be as easy as possible right out of the box. The Arduino code is also available in the Arduino IDE library manager. Bee Motion S3 is also available via the Arduino board manager if you’re using ESP32 board library 2.0.5 or later.

Remember, Bee Motion S3 is fully open source, so be sure to check GitHub for the latest code and hardware resources.

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