Bee Motion S3

A compact, open source ESP32-S3 PIR motion sensing board

Dec 15, 2022

Project update 2 of 9

Week One Is in the Books!

by PAUL p

I hope you all are doing well. First of all, I want to thank those of you who’ve backed our campaign. I’m already blown away by the support we’ve received. Thank you!

Revisiting Where We’re From

Bee Motion S3 has been in development for many months, a process that involved many updates, multiple revisions, and lots of testing by me and by other Bee Motion S3 beta testers. It’s been a fun journey so far, with a lot of learning experiences along the way. I’ve documented a lot of this process on my YouTube channel, and I invite you to check out a stream I put together on designing one of the Bee Motion S3 revisions:

I also have a stream on assembling Bee Motion S3 units for testing:

(Don’t worry, for the full production run, I will use my pick-and-place machine, as hand assembling large batches of boards can be pretty time intensive…)

I will talk about that pick-and-place machine in more detail soon. Stay tuned!

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