Bee Motion S3

A compact, open source ESP32-S3 PIR motion sensing board

Jan 17, 2023

Project update 6 of 9

Sourcing the Components

by PAUL p

I hope you all are doing well. We’ve had another successful week and we’re entering the final 2 weeks of the campaign! Since we’re closing in on the end of the campaign, I’ve placed orders for the PCBs and I am starting to get orders in place for the remaining components needed to build the Bee Motion S3’s!


This is a panel of Bee Motion S3’s. It’s 10 boards that are in one big panel, which makes running them through my pick and place machine faster than doing one board at a time. Once the panel is populated with components and reflowed, they are snapped out of the panel into individual boards.

This all means that once the campaign officially ends, I can get started making the boards ASAP once all the parts have arrived.
Then I can get them shipped out to Crowd supplys distribution partner, Mouser Electronics, which in turn will ship to each of you who have backed the campaign. I aim to have these made and shipped as fast as possible.

As always, I really appreciate the support thus far! If you have any questions about the Bee Motion S3, please feel free to use the "Ask a technical question" feature at the bottom of the campaign page.

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