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Jun 26, 2024

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Meet Our Magical Rotary Encoder

by David Z

Hey fellow makers and programming wizards!

We’re excited to delve into a specific feature that’s got our engineers buzzing: the rotary encoder on Inkplate 6 MOTION. This nifty little gadget lets you navigate things like menus and directories smoothly and intuitively. But it’s not just functional – it looks fantastic too! We’ve integrated LEDs that light up with different colors, adding a touch of programmable flair to your project.

Tip: Remember, everything we’ve mentioned here is totally programmable! You can customize the encoder’s behavior and LED colors to your heart’s content.

Check it Out!

Want to see this gem in action? Check out this video and witness the magic firsthand:

We hope this sneak peek gives you a glimpse of the engineering passion and innovation that’s been poured into Inkplate 6 MOTION. This dedication translates to countless hours of tinkering, playing, and creating for you, our awesome backers.

Stay tuned for more exciting reveals!

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