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Inkplate 6 MOTION is a versatile, hackable tool for makers, designers, thinkers, and others who are ready to take advantage of e-paper display technology. Its adaptability, paper-like aesthetic, daylight readability, and extremely low power consumption make it ideal for a wide range of applications, whether you’re a creative professional, a product designer, an engineer, a student, a writer, a smart-home enthusiast, or anyone else who engages in creative, technical pursuits.

Optimized for Dynamic Content

Inkplate 6 MOTION is an advanced Inkplate variant that includes a 6-inch e-paper display with significantly reduced latency. Its 11 frame-per-second refresh rate dramatically reduces visible lag when rendering dynamic content such as animations, videos, keyboard input, graphical UX elements, and scrolling text. Combined with a powerful, 32-bit STM32H743 microcontroller and enhanced connectivity options, this display is perfect for high-performance e-paper projects.

This is also our first Inkplate to include a rotary encoder, for quick menu navigation and selection, and a gravitational accelerometer and gyroscope, for tracking device orientation.

Proven Performance & Usability

Our widely acclaimed Inkplate boards have achieved resounding success in multiple Crowd Supply campaigns and beyond. We’ve worked hard to ensure that all of our Inkplates provide a user-friendly experience, and we are continually refining our open-source designs. We now offer a diverse selection of Inkplate products that exemplify reliability, transparency, and usability.

Our Open-Source Software Handles the Complexity for You

Simply plug Inkplate 6 MOTION into your computer using the supplied USB cable, establish a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, and upload a few lines of code. That’s it!

Inkplate 6 MOTION comes with user-friendly tools that make e-paper accessible without in-depth programming expertise. You can use Arduino IDE for quick-and-easy image rendering or leverage MicroPython for more complex projects. Adafruit GFX support means you won’t have to learn a new graphics library. Finally, Inkplate 6 MOTION is compatible with the Home Assistant and ESPHome automation platforms.

We also provide comprehensive technical documentation including reference materials for the Arduino library and detailed guidance on how to work with our extensive collection of sample code.

Open Hardware That’s Powerful Yet Playful

Inkplate 6 MOTION comes with onboard hardware to support all kinds of projects, whether you’re looking to display photographs, gather and visualize data, read and write text, or anything else that might benefit from the magic of e-paper and the long list of features below:

Dual processors: A dual-core STM32H743ZIT6 microcontroller and a secondary ESP32 microcontroller for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 (TME) connectivity. With 2 MB of flash memory, 1 MB of SRAM in the STM32, and 32 MB of external DRAM, you’ll have enough storage and processing power for most embedded applications.

A supercharged, 6-inch display with 1024x758 pixels and support for partial updates. An accelerated refresh cycle of 91 ms or 11 frames per second outpaces most other e-paper devices and produces less lag and cleaner motion.

A paper-like aesthetic presents a natural, organic appearance that is exceptionally easy on the eyes. With high contrast and clean lines, it can display in 16 shades—including black, white and 14 shades of grey. It’s worth mentioning that it also supports partial greyscale updates. It has a super-wide viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees and is visible even in direct sunlight.

Low power consumption, a long battery life, and speedy charging keep you unthethered longer. With a draw of just 22 μA, Inkplate’s deep-sleep mode can go hundreds of days on a three-hour charge. The STM32-embedded real-time clock (RTC) and its CR2032 battery backup (not included), ensure constant timekeeping across all device configurations and operating modes.

Effortless setup thanks a USB-UART converter and a USB Type-C port that facilitate programming, power, and charging. The version with a built-in battery and enclosure offers a ready-made e-paper solution suitable for most environments.

Motion detection thanks to the built-in, front-facing APDS-9960 sensor allows you to design for and interact with gestural menus, detect colors, and register proximity.

A multi-color WS2812B LED indicator, positioned in the corner of the board, provides simple, versatile feedback.

Three push buttons are accessible through the enclosure and can be programmed to support various commands.

An SHTC3 allows Inkplate 6 MOTION to monitor, analyze, and visualize temperature and humidity conditions.

easyC peripheral support simplifies prototyping with sensors and actuators by streamlining connectivity between MCUs and external hardware modules. Use the easyC framework to build your own meteorological station, digital scale, motion detector, light meter, or smart-gardening console – to name just a few examples.

Additional peripheral support is provided by 30 GPIO pins. All available protocols—including Ethernet, USB OTG, I²S, SDMMC, I²C, SPI, and UART—are exposed, so all you need is the right cable to achieve seamless integration.

Flash storage allows you to display images and videos, store files, or transfer data to and from your Inkplate using the on-board MicroSD card slot.

Colorful enclosure options allow you express your creativity or visually distinguish between multiple Inkplates by choosing from among 11 different colors.

Features & Specifications

Screen Size6.0"
Screen Resolution1024 x 758 pixels
Screen Active Area90.6 x 122.4 mm (3.56 x 4.82 inches)
Pixel Density212 PPI
Screen ModesBlack & white or 4-bit greyscale
Screen ColorsBlack, white, and 14 shades of grey
Partial RefreshSupported for black & White and 4-bit greyscale modes
Board Dimensions144 x 108 mm (5.67 x 4.25 inches)
Flash Memory1 MB
RAM2 MB SRAM in STM32 controller
External RAM32 MB DRAM (W9825G6KH-6)
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth
Partial Refresh Time91 ms (11 FPS)
Refresh Time (B&W)500 ms
Refresh Time (4-bit Greyscale)800 ms
Low-Power Current22 μA
Accelerometer & GyroscopeLSM6DSO32
Temperature SensorSTHC3
Real Time ClockBuilt into STM32 processor
GPIO ExpanderPCAL6416A
E-paper PMICTPS651851RSL (new generation)
User Buttons3x push buttons
LED2x WS2812B
Front-Facing SensorAPDS-9960 for proximity, gesture, and color detection
Rotary EncoderAs LED-backlit, side-mounted scroll wheel
Power Input5 V (USB Type-C) or 3.7 V (Li-ion battery)
Li-ion ChargerMCP73831 with LED indicator
AntennaPCB trace antenna for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
GPIO Pins30+ pins for Ethernet, USB OTG, I²S, SDMMC, I²C, SPI, UART, and other protocols
Connection EcosystemeasyC
Enclosure Dimensions161 x 116 x 15 mm (6.338 x 4.566 x 0.590 inches)

Board Layout - Front

Board Layout - Rear


Discover why Inkplate 6 MOTION stands out as the premier 6-inch e-paper display platform.

Inkplate 6 MOTIONInkplate 6Waveshare 6Inch
Screen size 6-inch 6-inch 6-inch
Screen Resolution1024 x 758 px 600 x 800 px 1448 x 1072 px
All-in-one boardYes Yes No (three boards total)
Arduino IDE supportYes Yes No
Low-power mode22 uA 25 uA No
Wi-FiYes Yes No
Battery chargerYes Yes No
Micro SD slotYes Yes No
GrayscaleYes (4-bit) Yes (3-bit) Yes (4-bit)
Partial updateYes (greyscale) Yes (black & white) Yes (black & white)
Refresh time91 ms 264 ms >1000 ms

What’s In the Box

In this campaign, we are offering various combinations of Inkplate to meet the diverse creative and hacking needs of our backers.

Inkplate 6 MOTION

Inkplate 6 MOTION With Enclosure

Inkplate 6 MOTION With Enclosure & Battery

Inkplate 6 MOTION Enclosure

An additional 3D-printed enclosure in one of 11 colors:

Support & Documentation

Inkplate 6 MOTION is open hardware driven by open-source software. We publish our hardware design files and software to various online platforms, including GitHub. We also maintain expansive online documentation. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please visit our community forum or reach out by email for free technical support.

A vibrant, creative community has coalesced around the Inkplate line of products. Members of this community engage in creative and technical pursuits that leverage e-paper display technology. We invite you to join our community or find us on Reddit, GitHub, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Manufacturing Plan

We meticulously manage every aspect of Inkplate 6 MOTION’s development—from design and manufacturing to testing and packaging—at our Croatian factory in the European Union. We maintain tight oversight at every stage to ensure the utmost quality in our products. Available worldwide, our devices are offered through esteemed distributors and electronic retailers in the EU, the US, and Japan. Precision, accuracy, and adherence to deadlines are deeply ingrained in our company ethos. With a seasoned team and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we are well-equipped to manage large-scale production runs.

Fulfillment & Logistics

After our production run is finished, we will package everything and send it to Crowd Supply’s fulfillment partner, Mouser Electronics, for distribution to backers worldwide. For more details about Crowd Supply’s fulfillment service, please refer to their guide under Ordering, Paying, and Shipping.

Risks & Challenges

Like any hardware project, production and supply-chain management come with inherent risks and challenges. Drawing from our past experiences, we have forged robust partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers to proactively address these challenges. While we boast a strong track record of delivering top-notch products on time, we acknowledge that unexpected challenges do arise. Rest assured, Inkplate 6 MOTION has undergone rigorous testing, and we have secured primary and backup suppliers for all components. In the event of any setbacks, we are committed to leveraging our expertise and resources to minimize delays while maintaining transparent communication with our backers every step of the way.

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"Soldered [Electronics] keeps making more and more interesting e-paper displays."

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Produced by Soldered Electronics in Osijek, Croatia.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Inkplate 6 MOTION

6-inch e-paper display with an STM32H743 microcontroller, an ESP32 co-processor and plenty of onboard hardware. Comes with a USB Type-C cable

$169 Free US Shipping / $12 Worldwide

Inkplate 6 MOTION With Enclosure

6-inch e-paper display with an STM32H743 microcontroller, an ESP32 co-processor and plenty of onboard hardware. Includes a black plastic enclosure and comes with a USB Type-C cable

$189 Free US Shipping / $12 Worldwide

Inkplate 6 MOTION With Enclosure & Battery

6-inch e-paper display with an STM32H743 microcontroller, an ESP32 co-processor, a 1200 mAh battery, and plenty of onboard hardware. Includes a black plastic enclosure and comes with a USB Type-C cable

$199 Free US Shipping / $12 Worldwide

Additional Enclosure for Inkplate 6 MOTION

Additional 3D-printed enclosure for your Inkplate 6 MOTION. Available in white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, tan, charcoal, and silver.

$25 Free US Shipping / $12 Worldwide

About the Team

Soldered Electronics

Osijek, Croatia  ·   solderedcom  ·   solderedelectronics  ·

Our company originated as a high school garage project in 2013. Initially crafting electronic boards for friends and hobbyists, we evolved into a professional entity, engineering and producing a diverse range of products and services for makers worldwide. In 2022, we transitioned to the name Soldered Electronics, marking a new chapter in our growth and product design. To date, we have engineered over 200 electronic products, manufactured a total of 250,000 units, and delivered those units to makers in more than 85 countries. In addition to electronic production, we have curated an extensive library of 320 tutorials and manuals, complete with descriptions and schematics for electronic products. These resources help makers use our products and our sample code more effectively. Finally, we offer 24/7 customer support and technical assistance for each of our products, regardless of the sales channel through which it was obtained.

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