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A tiny FIDO2 security key for two-factor authentication and passwordless login

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The Campaign is Live

Somu is Live! tweet it

Somu is the micro version of our Solo security key. We were inspired to make a secure Tomu, so we took its tiny form factor, we added the secure microcontroller and firmware of Solo, et voilà! Here we have Somu.

We’re offering Somu for $30 or less, FREE shipping everywhere for pledges of 3+ Somu and hundreds of early bird discounts (1x and 5x pledges).

Somu is ready for production and we’ll start manufacturing as soon as we reach the goal (not at the end of the campaign!), so hurry up and back Somu now!

And after you secured your early bird, make sure to share it with your networks.

See you in the campaign,
SoloKeys Team

$80,096 raised

of $35,000 goal

228% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices



An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security key that fits inside your USB Type-A port.


Solo Tap USB-A

An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security USB Type-A key fob that is NFC capable.


Solo Tap USB-C

An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security USB Type-C key fob that is NFC capable.



​At SoloKeys, we make open source hardware for secure applications.

Conor Patrick

Nicolas Stalder

Emanuele Cesena

Haden Patrick

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