E-paper Shield Kit

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All you need to start playing with E-paper screens!

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Power Consumption & More

We’re funded and still going strong! Woohoo! A huge thank you again to all the backers that made this project come to life. Your attention and support has definitely gotten the attention of Pervasive Displays, the E-paper manufacturer I chose to supply the displays. After the campaign is complete and all the rewards have been shipped, we will all be working together to bring even more E-paper designs and concepts to the hands of makers and project builders. To celebrate, I’m releasing the first half of the next update early!

Here is another question I have received:

How little power does your E-paper Shield consume?

The E-paper Shield Kit uses a unique hibernation capability particular to the Teensy-LC, which powers down the entire board for a specified period of time. This allows the current consumption of the board reach levels as low as 0.2mA. With a 2500mAh battery, your project will last months on a single battery charge! Take that [popular phone manufacturer]!

This example project uses the onboard temperature sensor to monitor the ambient air temperature, and writes it to the display. There is also room on the display for a High and a Low temperature readout. I will be making a case for this soon and publishing the complete set to my project page.

If you want to add a battery and charger to your project as in the picture above, in my example I used an Adafruit Trinket backpack that I had in my parts drawer with great results. Thanks again Adafruit for having me on your Show’n’Tell show!

The next update will contain code and instructions for connecting the E-paper shield to a variety of platforms. Stay tuned!

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Product Choices


Adapter Board

All new Adapter Board orders will now contain an E-paper Adapter circuit board with soldered pins. Bring Your Own Device, no assembly required!


Screen Pack

Have your own Teensy or other 3.3 V microcontroller? Get this pack! You will receive an E-paper Adapter circuit board with pre-soldered pins and one E-paper Screen.


Full Kit

Starting from scratch? Get the Full Package! Ships with everything you need to start playing with E-paper right away. You will receive an E-paper Adapter circuit board with pre-soldered pins, one E-paper Screen, and a Teensy-LC with pre-soldered pins.



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