Loud ESP

Portable, open-source, ESP32-powered audio-development platform with a touchscreen and support for Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity

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Project Backers

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George H
Buffalo, NY

Knut S
Duesseldorf, Germany

john b
boca raton, FL

Miller H
Llano, TX

Axel J
Erlangen, Germany

Mehedi S
San Francisco, CA

Shawn M
Northern VA

Andrew Z
Warrenton, VA

Mark C
Medford, MA

Marc S
Mainz, Germany

Michael L
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Lennart S
Älvkarleby, Sweden

Simon R
Horsham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Scott W
Novi, MI

Olivier D
Reading, United Kingdom

Stefan B
Berlin, Germany

Chris A
Silver City, NM

Markus K
Leobendorf, Austria

Karsten T
Aalborg, Denmark

Stephan L
Uppsala, Sweden

brian a
Garden Grove, CA


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